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1. Content Layouts
(About Joomla!/The CMS)
... these layouts by creating a Menu Item and choosing how you want the content to display. Blog Layout Blog layout will show a listing of all Articles of the selected blog type (Section or Category) in ...
... Installer. After this, go to the Extensions Menu, select Language Manager and make your language the default one. Your Back-end will be translated immediately. Users who have access rights to the Back-end ...
3. How do I remove an Article?
(FAQs/New to Joomla!)
To completely remove an Article, select the Articles that you want to delete and move them to the Trash. Next, open the Article Trash in the Content Menu and select the Articles you want to delete. After ...
4. Extensions
(About Joomla!/The CMS)
... thus pages) a Module will display on, you can select all Menu Items or you can pick and choose by holding down the control key and selecting multiple locations one by one in the Modules [Edit] screen  ...
... If you don't know which collation you need, select the "utf8_general_ci" as most languages use this. The other collations listed are exceptions in regards to the general collation. If your language is ...
6. Where did the Installers go?
(FAQs/Current Users)
The improved Installer can be found under the Extensions Menu. With versions prior to Joomla! 1.5 you needed to select a specific Extension type when you wanted to install it and use the Installer associated ...
... Menu->[menuname]->Menu Item Manager and edit the Menu Item. Select the Change Type button and choose the new style of Menu Item Type from the available list. Thereafter, alter the Details and Parameters ...
8. Where is the Static Content Item?
(FAQs/Current Users)
... and rather than relating this to a particular Section and Category just select Uncategorized as the option in the Section and Category drop down lists.  ...
9. How do I upgrade to Joomla! 1.5 ?
(FAQs/Current Users)
... forge. Select the Component in the Component Menu of the Control Panel. Click on the Dump it icon. Three exported gzipped export scripts will be created. The first is a complete backup of the old site. ...
... Extensions->Install/Uninstall Menu selection and then the package file upload facility. Go to the Language Manager and be sure to select Site or Admin in the sub-menu. Then select the appropriate language ...


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